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  John Colter was probably the 1st Euro-American to see the wonders of what was to become Yellowstone National Park, but it took almost 70 years of exploring before it became the wonderland we know today. Mountain men later visited the area and added to the lore of Yellowstone. Then came the men of vision. "The Discovery" documents  the men who had the vision to make it  this country's 1st national park.
  Then came the "Dudes and Sagebrushers" and the hotels, transportation, and campgrounds established to meet their needs. One hotell had a circumference of a mile, ,another was built in 1890 and still welcomes visitors today.  In the early days of the park the cost for a nights stay at  hotels was $4,00 a night meals included.  Sagebrusher were not allow in the hotel lobbies they had to camp in out in the open.

   Yellowstone has 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes per year. They are caused by a very active Volcano deep below the surface of Yellowstone. What are the chances of a super eruption? Dr. Bob Smith & Hank Heasler  Yellowstone's geologists discuss the evidence and their answers may surprise you

"A realm Untamed takes us back in the  history of Yellowstone park when visitors had less respect for the environment.  Historical picture & films show visitors feeding bears, swimming in the thermal areas and walking on the geyser formations. Hunting the animals was ok, I mean you had to put meat on the table right?   

Bears, Wolves, and Buffalo  were roaming the park when it was founded in 1872.  One group became extinct & another almost. Find out why.

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